• Building Business in the Right Way

    Building business is not easy in a highly competitive business world! Follow these 8 simple steps and build your personal branding strategy!

    As a business owner, you probably know that your personal brand demonstrates your value to the outside world. It is crucial today for career advancement, personal development, and establishing yourself as an entrepreneur. Presenting and expressing who you are, what you do or why you do it will help you prepare yourself for success and be in a position to accept new business opportunities.

    Nowadays, much of the branding is completed through the online presence, which usually includes the social media accounts and the utilization of the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. But, before you open your Pinterest profile and decide to post a few pictures that you think represent your business or brand, take a step back. You should know that developing a powerful brand won’t simply happen overnight.

    Understanding your competition, having a professional purpose, using various social media networks, practicing your writing, and etc. are only a number of steps you need to take to develop your brand in the right way.

  • Build Your Branding Strategy in 8 Steps

    Here are 8 steps that will help you when building business and creating your best personal brand:

    1. Get a professional headshot – The first thing you need to do is to get a professional headshot. You should bear in mind that your new professional image starts with a high-quality image. Smiling and dressing sharply, make you more likable, competent, and influential.

    2. Have a professional purpose – Stop for a second and think about what gets you out of your bed in the morning or what helps you be better at your job? You should find your professional purpose as it is more than just a paycheck.

    3. Be visible online – Everything that is happening today, is happening online, so make sure you are visible everywhere. Someone somewhere would like to know more about you which means that you need to optimize your social media profiles and be active on every social media network.

    4. Practice writing – Before your share your thoughts or ideas with the online world, think twice and double check your spelling. Practicing writing is something you should do before you decide to build your own personal brand.

  • 5. Practice empathy and learn to listen – In order to build a well-rounded personal brand, you need to determine the balance between what you already know and what you have yet to learn, master, and understand.

    6. Analyze your competition – In order to succeed in this highly competitive business world, you need to analyze the brands that are under you, that are above you, and of course, your biggest competitors. Find some time to analyze your competition and understand what other people in your industry or business niche are doing. By analyzing them you will determine how successful they actually are.

    7. Improve your online presence – Keeping all of your social profiles updated is crucial. Also, you can add social channels to all of your touch points. That is how you will be in constant communication with your customers and potential buyers.

    8. Embrace and expound your professional experience – As an entrepreneur, you probably have a great experience and a lot of stories to tell. Well, now is your time to finally embrace and expound your professional experience.

    Follow these simple and yet efficient 8 steps and you will successfully build a strong personal brand! Remember, the key is to be social and stay close to your target customers! For more tips and information you can check Shopify's business encyclopedia. They offer a lot of information that can make your business sucessful.