Five things you need to consider when devising your brand strategy on social media

Social media is a crucial marketing tool every company needs to utilize. Not only does social media helps your company build its profit and sales, but it also helps them maintain relationships with their customers.

Every marketer strives hard to put their brand in front of their customers, and this is where social media comes in. Social media does advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations; those are four out of the five elements of marketing communication mix. Social media also brings your customers together.

Through social media, you can make or break your brand; the big question is how? You can make your brand through the power social media it has to market your brand for you to your targeted audience. You can also break your brand when you don’t have control over the power social media has given to you.

In this post, I will discuss some five things you need to consider when devising your brand strategy on social media.

  1. Less is more. When I say “less is more,” I don’t mean you should stop posting consistently. I just want you to understand that quality is important. Posting too often can irritate your audience and not posting enough can make your brand appear less relevant, so what do we do?

There is no law to how often you should post, but I strictly believe that less is more; quality is better than quantity. Look at coca-cola for instance, coca-cola doesn’t post too often, but when they post, it is of high quality and worth seeing.

  1. Visual branding. Visual branding is an essential aspect of brand strategy on social media. Visual content is the most important factor in your brand communications. Without visual branding, you might lose out on the opportunity to reinforce brand awareness. Besides the content you post, it is very crucial to consider the visuals on your social media. Visuals allow your customers to identify your brand no matter what channel they are using.
  1. Build a network. Building a network (a strong one) is a crucial part of brand strategy on social media. Apart from targeting a particular for customer acquisition, brands should also use social media to network with industry influencers and other brands.

Building a strong partnership with others in your industry is very beneficial. Writing a guest blog on someone’s sites or inviting someone to write guest blog for your site is an excellent way of building beneficial relationships.

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